Saturday, December 31, 2011

New blog, new website, new year::)))

Hello out there- if anyone is actually still reading this.  Considering I have stunk BIG TIME at updating this thing:(((  I guess the good news is that it means I've been busy.  My husband's rule of thumb for a restaurant is that he won't eat there unless it's busy- because if no one is there it means the food stinks.  So, I guess it's a good thing I'm insanely busy right, it means your pictures rock:)?!?  Nonetheless, it is my MISSION in 2012 to be better about sharing my work:)  In the next few weeks, I'm revamping my website, getting an all new blog, and taking my FB page by storm:))  So get ready:))  And thank you for being so loyal to my non-existent blog:)))  Happy New Year:))) to shoot a wedding:)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October is FULL!

You have no idea how happy and sad (all at the same time) it makes me to tell you that October is officially FULL!  I am ecstatic about the amazing sessions we have scheduled and can't wait to have such an absolute blast (while making some kickin' Christmas cards along the way!)

However- I am so sad if I have missed any of you who were hoping to get some fall pictures:(  I have been so blessed and began filling fall sessions in July!!!

I encourage you if you are still interested in a session to check my availability for November.  I can definitely shoot into November and still have your images available in plenty of time for Christmas!

And seeing how quickly fall filled up- I would be happy to start scheduling spring sessions to accommodate you!  Also look for super fun winter sessions that I'll be hosting (snow mini-sessions, anyone!)

Thanks so much for your loyalty, understanding, and excitement:)  I love you all:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The C Family: Urbana, IL

I love, love, love this mom:)  She and I went to high school together and she can make me laugh in a minute:)  She's always been so incredibly witty and so fun to be around:)  We were musical geeks together:)- we both played clarinet, were in the color guard together, and sang in choir, Madrigals, and school plays together:)  She's incredibly talented- and it was so, so fun to get to spend some time with her and her beautiful little family:)  I loved this banner she made of her little girls' sweet and vintagey:)  Thanks so much for coming out guys!  Hope you love them:)  Kara

Monday, September 19, 2011

Behind Every Bride bridal show!

This past August 28, I decided to try out my first bridal show.  It took months of preparation- trying to figure out how I'd do my booth.  I haven't been that nervous about something in a very long time!!!  I was so happy with how it all turned out:)  A huge thanks goes out to my BFF's who came to be my support network and help me sign up brides:))  And another huge thanks to my super talented friend who sewed my backdrop and table runner:)))  And finally- a huge, huge thanks to my editor and best friend in business.  I absolutely could not do it without her:)))  I had so much fun showing off all of the gorgeous brides that I've shot:))   It proved to be successful and I can't wait for the next one:))

Erin: Cutie Pie Senior, Monticello

Such a cutie.  Erin was absolutely a dollface during this session:)  When she first messaged me, she asked that we go somewhere different for her pics.  She definitely didn't want them to look like all the other seniors from her high school.  That is music to my ears:)  I took a risk and asked Erin if she'd be willing to meet me in this shady little town.  She agreed- and I was sooo excited:)  She brought along her posse of her parents, best friend, and boyfriend:)  We had so much fun laughing, and then laughing some more:)  Check out her face when I asked her dad to kiss her cheek:)  Priceless:))  She was a total rockstar and I loved shooting her pics:))  Thank you Erin so much!  I hope you love them- and I hope they are different:)))  Thanks so much for everything:)))  Love, Kara

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Becca and Daniel: Married, Champaign, IL

Adorableness.  That pretty much sums up Becca.  She is sooo cute, and her personality (if possible) is even cuter!  I honestly don't think the girl could get any sweeter:)  Daniel is a lucky, lucky guy:)    And Becca's pretty lucky too- although Daniel is an Agger:)  I had so much fun getting to shoot some of their wedding shots at the old stompin' grounds of mine at the University of Illinois:)  We shot quite a few pictures at the Agger fraternity house- and then onto the Alma Mater:)  Our final shooting location was the South Farms:) I spent many an hour out there during college- not working myself, but driving by to get a glimpse of my future husband researching in those fields:)))  So I was giddy with memories and I think the shots reflected that:)))

I am so happy for this couple and know they will live a long, happy life:)  Daniel is a hoot and Becca will always be laughing:)  Congratulations guys!  And thank you for letting me be a part of your big day:)


Anderson Wedding: Champaign, IL

Finally, I'm getting around to blogging some of my weddings from this super crazy summer!  I have been so incredibly blessed to have shot a wedding pretty much every weekend from May 21 on:)  It's been so, so  incredible!  Besides the obvious (the photography and the money)- I've gained so much else from shooting so many weddings.  I thought I'd share some...

1- My taste in music has quickly gone down the tubes since having kids.  I used to be 'cool'- and now I'm just 'bippity boppity boo'.  So- my time spent at receptions has finally rebounded my music repertoire- and I'm now back in the swing of it.  'Jump on It'?  Know it.  Black Eyed Peas- every one.  I now officially feel cool again:)

2- Dresses.  Do you know how many adorable dresses/shoes I see every single weekend?  It's like a walking fashion show!  I get to see all styles of dresses on all different ages/sizes of women.  I can see firsthand what works and what doesn't!  I see accessories, shoes, the works.  It's so, so fun!  And if I fall in love with something- I simply go up and ask:)  My personal wardrobe thanks you:)

3- The message.  Marriage is hard- everyone knows it, no one denies it.  It's so incredibly beneficial to hear the message of marriage every single weekend.  I always come home and hug my husband a little tighter each time.

4-  Everyone has a crazy uncle.  Seriously.  Everyone.

So now on to this beautiful couple:)

Andrea and Collin and I met quite awhile ago at a Starbucks in Champaign:)  One funny memory we have is that they were out to dinner one night with a group of friends and were discussing their wedding plans.  One friend of a friend that was joining them for supper asked about their photographer.  They shared they already had one.  This friend apparently got kinda fiesty and exclaimed that her cousin was the best wedding photographer she knew and they should fire theirs and hire her.  They said they liked theirs.  Eventually- they figured out that they were talking about the same person:))  My cousin Abby was their dinner guest- and props to her for totally fighting for me:)))  It was kinda funny:)))

This day was absolutely gorgeous- despite a small hiccup with rain:)  Nonetheless, we had a blast!  The toasts were priceless and the dancing hysterical!  The groom's dad's band performed at the reception!  It was my first live band- and they were AWESOME:)  The lead singer looked just like Mick Jagger to me and I totally pretended like I was at a real concert:)  So fun:)

Thanks Collin and Andrea for a wonderful day:)  Best of luck forever:)))

Love, Kara